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Welcome to Studio Bangs

Connecting MVMT and MNDST for the ultimate wellness experience. 

Hi! I'm Bangs! The spin bike is my happy place and I hope to make it yours too. 

I'm a former couch potato who finally found a way to make movement a joyful celebration of my body, not a chore. That's what I bring to my rides - an avenue for you to find your joy, your peace, your drive. It's more than just a workout - it's an opportunity for you to plug into your connection with self, your purpose and if that's all too much, hell, just have a good ol' boogie on a bike - as long as you're having fun, I love it! 

I'm offering Pilates classes here too as I feel they are the perfect pairing if you are a regular spinner. You'll also find 5 minute arm workouts and some stretching and mobility sequences. 

I'm an instructor, a writer, a life coach, a public speaker - I live and breathe this work. The Bangs Monthly PLUS membership includes a monthly life coaching session with me 'cause while I always want you to nurture your body with exercise, I also want to ensure the benefits of that are permeating throughout your daily life. 

So, welcome! I can't wait to be in community with you. Whether you're on the bike, the mat or lifting some weights, I am honoured to be coaching you to the best version of yourself. 

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